GR X2  are a photographers and directors duo.
They are two friends as one team.

Having worked for various international campaigns, clients and agencies
both Tobias Gromatzki and Alexander Graeser decided to carpool. 

Their imagery evokes emotion and feeling in an effortlessly executed style,
while navigating the line between carefully 
archived craft and pure spontaneity. 

They believe in the beauty that arises from the coincidence in interaction,
and their eye allows CGI to work for their narration of a bigger story. 

GR X2 create Automotive Lifestyle.


Graeser & Gromatzki PartG
Lutterothstr. 15
20255 Hamburg

+49 40 43179567


Cell Alexander Graeser

Cell Tobias Gromatzki

Clients include:

Acqua di Parma, ASICS, BMW, Condé Nast, DB Deutsche Bahn, FAZ, GM, General Motors, GQ, Interview, KIA, LVMH, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, MOIA by VW, NIKE, Porsche, Sennheiser, SieMatic, SLEEK, Sony, Sunrise, 
Swisslife, Vodafone, Vogue, VW, Wallpaper*, DIE ZEIT